Looking good and getting the job done!

Prefabricated insulated panels are more attractive than ever. They used to be known as sandwich panels or refrigerator panels, but today they come in all kinds of new finishes and colours. These highly energy efficient materials are not just used for the agri-food industry - they are versatile enough for new markets, and are now being considered seriously as alternatives for the construction of architectural buildings.


There are many benefits to using insulated panels. The main one, without a doubt, is how quickly they can be put up at the worksite. With insulated panels, a building can be sealed twice as fast as one using traditional multi-assembly systems.

Innovative architecture

The winds of change are sweeping through the commercial and industrial construction field. Distinctive new products are appearing, and they can be combined and customized to meet your needs. Originality is winning out over architectural austerity. EFC Group is committed to finding you the best alternative, one that will make your building stand out but will not break your budget.


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