Since energy costs are going up, all company owners have an interest in reducing heating and air conditioning costs to improve profitability. When you choose EFC Group construction you get the energy efficiency of insulated panels, whether you are building a warehouse, a hydroelectric facility or even a wind farm.


The EFC Group specializes in installing insulated panels. We have professional installation teams who are known for their speed and efficiency. The closed-cell insulation of the panels allows us to put up exterior walls even in bad weather, so we can cut construction delays. Installed on the outside of the structure, insulated panels comprise both the exterior wall and the interior finishing.



They require less maintenance than conventional walls. By using insulated panels you will be able to cut back on structural building costs considerably.


Speed of installation is without doubt the greatest benefit of using prefabricated insulated panels. Since they are finished without screws or visible hooks, water infiltration is practically impossible.


Insulated panels come in lengths up to 50 feet.



Because we are so well known, we have had the opportunity of working with the biggest names in the American industry. European companies like doubrava industrial in Austria are also among our customers.


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