Athletes and causes supported by EFC

EFC has always supported local athletes competing at the highest level all across North America. Our philosophy has always been to help young emerging athletes to reach their full potential. It all started in 2003 with Marie-Hélène Prémont winning a silver Olympic medal in Athens. Since then, EFC athletes have performed all over the world, bringing home national victories, boxing world title, X games podiums and even two Olympic medals.

Kim Clavel

Kim is an undefeated (13-0-2ko) light flyweight boxer holding the WBC-NABF belt since 2019

Alex Beaulieu Marchand / ABM

Alex is a slopestyle Olympic medalist. He represented Canada in Sochi and Pekin, winning the bronze medal in 2018. In his young carreer he earned five X games medals.

Samuel Guérin

Sam is a professional motorcycle driver, racing in the Canadian superbike serie. He has won 2 national amateur races in 2019 and finished second in the Pro superbike 2020 campain.

Sebastien ''Boutch'' Bouchard

Boutch is a professional boxer with a record of 18-2 8ko. He's won the canadian championship silver medal and been three times Quebec champion.

Mario Guérin

Mario is a race car driver, he had tons of success south of the border in the CCR serie. He won the CCR 458 class championship and won 3 times the GP3R.

Eric Martel Bahoeli ''Baho''

Eric is a retired professional boxer with a record of 12-7 8ko. He's been canadian champion and fought for a WBC world title in England.

Marie-Hélène Prémont

Marie-Hélène is a retired cross country mountain biker who's been six times Canadian champion and World cup winner in 2008. She won a silver medal at the Olympics in Athens and participated to the Pekin Olympics.

Mechanical heart IUCPQ

EFC has contributed to the buying process of a mechanical heart for the Quebec heart and lungs institute. Raising 232 000 $ in 5 years to support heart diseases..